Book Chapters

“The Rights of Nature: Guiding Our Responsibilities through Standards,” with Craig Kauffman, in Environmental Rights: The Development of Standards, Stephen Turner et al., ed. (Cambridge University Press 2019)

“Reframing Rights and Responsibilities to Prioritize Nature,” with Catherine Iorns Magallanes, in Law and Policy for a New Economy: Sustainable, Just, and Democratic, Melissa K. Scanlan, ed. (Edward Elgar Publ. 2017)


“Water as the Way: Achieving Well-Being through ‘Right Relationship’ with Water,” in Wild Law in Practice, Michelle Maloney and Peter Burdon, ed. (Routledge 2014)

“Realizing Nature’s Rule of Law through Rights of Waterways,” in Rule of Law for Nature, Christina Voigt, ed. (Cambridge University Press 2013)

“Establishing Earth-based Governance for the Rights of the Environment,” United Nations: Future Perfect (2012)

“Earth Day Revisited: Building a Body of Earth Law for the Next Forty Years,” in Exploring Wild Law:  The Philosophy of Earth Jurisprudence, Peter Burdon, ed. (Wakefield Press 2011)

Journal Articles

  • “Is the Earth Happy? Increasing Socio-Ecological Well-Being through Earth-Centered Governance,” Journal of Gross National Happiness and Law (Upcoming 2023) 
  • Implementing Nature’s Rights through Regulatory Standards,” Vermont Journal of Environmental Law 20:3 (Winter 2019)
  • Implementing Rights of Nature through Sustainability Bills of Rights,” New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law, Vol. 13, Issue 1, 89-106 (June 2015)
  • “Rights of the Waterway,” Waterkeeper Magazine, Vol. 7, No. 2 (Summer 2011)
  • “The Practice of Ecosystem Rights,” Groundswell, Vol. 3, Issue 1 (Spring 2010)
  • “New Blue Legacy: California’s Waterkeepers are Pioneering America’s First Marine National Parks,” Waterkeeper Magazine, Vol. 5, No. 4 (Summer 2009)
  • “The EEC’s Proposed Directive for Civil Liability for Damage Caused by Waste: Taking over When Prevention Fails,” 18 Ecology Law Quarterly 405 (1991)


  • Curriculum for Earth Law course, Vermont Law School (July 2012, updated July 2016)
  • Curriculum for Earth Law in Praxis graduate student course, California Institute of Integral Studies (2015)
  • Curriculum for Earth Law graduate student course, California Institute of Integral Studies (2014)



Legal Statements and Analyses