Linda Sheehan

Advocate | Attorney | Author | Entrepreneur

Linda Sheehan is an environmental law and policy expert, entrepreneur, engineer, systems thinker, and aspiring martial artist. Working at the local to global levels, she has co-founded or directed four non-profits, successfully authored and sponsored numerous environmental laws, and achieved recognition as a “California Coastal Hero.” Linda finds inspiration in nature and through advocacy for a legal system that recognizes our deep bond with the natural world.

“Cooperation and caring fueled human evolution. Caring for nature as well achieves our best future. We each have a voice in seeking that future”

Linda Sheehan Working


Linda launched her lifelong quest for a flourishing relationship with nature in elementary school, creating its first “Stop Pollution” club. Applying law, public policy, and science, she has fought locally to globally for the rights of people and natural systems to thrive.

Linda Sheehan Speaking


Linda has provided expert testimony and remarks on environmental topics around the world, addressing the United Nations, national leaders, Congress, state and federal agencies, private industry, nonprofits, universities, foundations, the media (print, radio, television), and the public.

Linda Sheehan Writing


Linda has authored chapters in seven books; penned numerous journal articles, media pieces, and blogs; and drafted legislative language and formal testimony. Her writing offers legal, technical, and strategic solutions, grounded in science and effective policy. Spacer word

Earth Jujitsu': Linda Sheehan at TEDxMarin 2013

Earth Jujitsu’: Escaping the Climate Chokehold by Adapting to Nature’s Rights. Our success in adapting to escalating Bay Area climate change depends on whether we learn to evolve with nature, rather than fight against it. 


Current Thinking

World’s First Water Futures Exchange Threatens Fundamental Right to Water

Framing water as a business proposition marginalizes the fundamental needs of people and natural systems, which should be the top priority. On December 7th, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange offered trading of the world’s first water futures contracts, or “water futures.” As explained by CME Group, which launched the futures, these are legally...

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COVID-19 Lessons for Environmental Law and Policy

As I write this, COVID-19-related deaths have soared to over 185,000 in the United States and more than 835,000 globally. Scientists and public health experts agree that the data indicate  COVID-19 arose from a zoonotic source; that is, from animals to humans. Rabies, West Nile virus, plague, and Lyme disease are other well-known examples of...

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Taking Action for Racial Justice

The ongoing protests and marches for racial justice, precipitated by the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and others, demonstrate the tragically overdue need to address the structural racism pervading this country and its policies and practices. The protests have opened up space for all to take action, and many have...

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